Here’s a little about me, I was born In Tampa Ft, Aug 8th 1960, raised in a small town called Dover Fl. Between Tampa & Plant City, Fl. Where I graduated from in 1978, growing up In the country is where the love of country music was instilled in me by my Mother and Father, Being born in 1960 that made me a 70’s teenager where the influences of other music entered in, from Disco to Rock n Roll,

I actually started in radio in 1990 at small Christian Radio Station WOLR 913 in south Columbia County after moving up here in 1988.   I learned the art of radio from true beginnings, using turn tables to where we are now with computers.

Radio is a form of media that really speaks to the masses, we want to entertain, inform and do our best as DJ’s to make your valuable time as enjoyable as possible, playing music and having conversations with you throughout your day, and a Big 98 thank you for listening.

Radio has been super cool for me it has enabled me to meet some great folks right here in North FI, and across the nation, because of radio I have had the great fortune to travel to some awesome places and see some amazing things.

I have two sons, one of who is in radio in Daytona Beach, and the other in Real Estate in St. Augustine FI. could not be more proud of them both.

Look forward to talking with you and playing your favorite country music here on Today’s Best Country the Big 98 and hopefully having the pleasure of meeting you out there in Radio Land,

It’s been a fun journey so far key word being fun.

Stevie D
Stevie D

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